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Patricia Warren has spent the last 30 years pursuing the art of transformation and has dedicated her life to the discovery, practice and teaching of universal truths of healing throughout the world. She has a private practice in Franklin and Watertown, Ma.

She is a graduate of the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, a licensed massage therapist and, since 1982, member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

In 1986 she apprenticed with Guru Sewak Singh Khalsa, Director of the Guru Ram Das Ashram, Sao Palo, Brazil. During this time she practiced reflexology and energy massage while studying
kundalini yoga, numerology, meditation and the Sikh religion. She learned Transcendental meditation, hatha yoga, Polarity and facial rejuvenation.

Patricia was voted “most recommended Reiki Master in Massachusetts” by Spirit of Change Holistic Magazine, reader’s poll.

She has been involved in Reiki since 1987 and a Reiki Master in the lineage of Mrs. Takata since 1989. Her initiating Master was Kate Nani of California. In 1993 Pat traveled to Germany for a meeting of Reiki Masters worldwide. It was there she met Phyllis Furumoto, Mrs.Takata’s granddaughter, who with Paul Mitchell was leading the weeklong conference. In 1992, Patricia became the first American to teach Reiki in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine by invitation of the International Center for Professional Exchange in Moscow. She has returned to the former Soviet Union thirteen times.

Patricia traveled extensively for two years, searching for the origins of Reiki. She was guided to Australia where she began her study of these rare, esoteric teachings of Reiki Jin Kei Do. It was August 1995, during a month of intensive training as a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master Teacher when she met Ranga Premaratna, Head of the Lineage. She decided to pursue this path of healing which included Vajrayana Buddhist teachings.

For the next six months, she practiced, organized and taught the sacred information of Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense, integrating it into her life. She returned to continue her studies in 1996 and 1998, was initiated into advanced Fourth Stage EnerSense Master, and became the representative of Buddho EnerSense, Reiki Jin Kei Do on the East Coast of the USA and Canada. She introduced this lineage to thousands of students in Russia, London, Poland, Lebanon, the Caribbean, and New England. Patricia co-authored and designed a comprehensive program of
training and study based in this lineage. In 2005 she recorded and produced the first Reiki Jin Kei Do CD titled, Reiki Jin Kei Do-The Way of Wisdom and Compassion.

In 2004, Patricia developed the training program “Empowering the Caregiver” which has been distinguished by Women Healing Women of the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School as an initiative worthy of development and sponsorship. This workshop met rigorous requirements, exemplifying a project in which women healers are taking a leadership role in promoting health. This workshop is designed to educate physicians, nurses, home health aids, homemakers and nursing aids, PCA’s about the power of appropriate compassionate touch in their delivery of personal care to patients. She was able to bring this to a variety of healthcare facilities in Massachusetts including the New England Psychiatric Nurses Association, MetroWest Hospital, Milford Hospital, Yankee Dental Conference, Jewish Family Services, Visiting Nurses Association and Rogerson House.

In 1999, Patricia became interested in Christian mysticism and healing. She became a member of the Fellowship of St. John in Cambridge, researched and studied Celtic/Christian Healing in Ireland with several spiritual directors in Dingle and the Glenstall Abbey, Limerick. She developed the Touch of Compassion-A Christian Approach to Hands on Healing, which she offers at Ruah Spirituality Institute, Adelynrood Conference Center, LaSalette Center for Christian Living, and numerous Episcopal and Unitarian churches.

In 2006 Patricia delivered the homily, A Sermon on Healing, Tuesday in Holy Week with the “Blessing of the Oils” at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Boston, Ma. The service was for clergy as well as “all
people who have connections with healing ministries or vocations; doctors, nurses, therapists, clinicians and others.” This homily was published in “Healing Ministry” magazine’s Spring issue..

Patricia has been a Justice of the Peace, appointed by the governor, since 1992. She offers traditional and alternative wedding ceremonies throughout Massachusetts and specializes in unique, personalized wedding vows and consultations.

Patricia has been leading GungFu style Chinese tea ceremonies since 1998. She studied from a tea master in Russia, and has presided more than 50 ceremonies. Patricia believes this lost art, which she is reviving, will bring people together in peace and harmony within themselves and throughout the world. She offers these meditative ceremonies in Franklin, Watertown as well as Ruah Spirituality Institute, Cambridge Adult Center for Education, Women’s Center for Wellness, and private homes, senior centers and clubs.

She is the mother of Lydia Warren, international singer, songwriter, guitarist and founder of The Lydia Warren Band.

Listen to a
sermon by Patricia done at Holy Week at The Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Boston.

Click here to hear Patricia interviewed by Phyllis Lei Furumoto about her Reiki journey. On her website, ReikiTalkShow.com, Phyllis states:

”When I introduced Patricia on the show, I said I hadn't met her! But after the interview, she reminded me that we met twenty years ago at a Masters' Intensive in Germany! This was in 1993 and the period of time where we were both starting to travel to Russia and teach. It is a crossing of paths that is occurring now as well…..twenty years later. Patricia's story comes from the early 1980's when the world was very different….only a few Reiki masters had been initiated, there was no internet, and Russia was still the USSR. Her path led her to Russia, to her country of origin, Lithuania, and eventually to Australia where she continued her training in Reiki Jin Kei Do & Buddho-EnerSense, another form of Reiki practice than the the one she started with. A magical journey that begin with 5 minutes of a Reiki treatment inspired Patricia to follow the path of Reiki.”